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Community Recognition

Every year we recognize outstanding examples of what can be accomplished when local businesses, local government and community member(s) within the City of Riverside exemplify leadership, teamwork and the spirit of volunteerism.

Remembering Bob Stewart

Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful (KRCB) is proud to commemorate Bob’s perseverance with the award in his name, which endows a sense of continuity in the pride we have for the City of Riverside.

Bob Stewart 1933-2000
Distinguished Volunteer of the Year Award:

This award recognizes an exemplary group of volunteers for their outstanding leadership and commitment to KRCB’s beautification projects throughout the City of Riverside.
Bob Stewart Award :
Ward 4 Council Member CHUCK CONDER

Each year this award commemorates Bob Stewart’s dedication to a clean and beautiful Riverside. KRCB presents the award to a community member that has demonstrated longevity with leadership and passion for community beautification.

Daniela Ojeda, Linda Lawyer (KRCB Board), Ward 4 Council Member Chuck Conder
Partner of the Year:

This year Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful (KRCB) proudly recognizes a partner for their generous donations and contributions towards KRCB’s Waterwise Landscape Makeover, Great American Cleanup and Ward beautification projects.

Kara Coronado (KRCB Vice Chair), Daniela Ojeda (Athens Services, KRCB Board), Damien Sparks (Athens Services)
Most Inspirational Volunteer:

This award recognizes an individual or organization that has provided consistent and dependable assistance to KRCB projects and programs.

Daniela Ojeda and Natalie Gillette
Adopt-An-Alley Partner of the Year:

Alleyways, like many other cities, hold a distinct position in Riverside. They are often not in direct sight of passers-by and can often be overlooked. The upkeep of our alleyways is imperative to keeping our city clean and beautiful as well as giving citizens proper access to various businesses, properties, and streets.

Kara Coronado and Residents of Eastside Active in Leadership (REAL)
Adopt-A-Street Partner of the Year:

Streets are in the direct view and pathway of the public. The upkeep of our city streets is imperative to the well-being of all patrons who use them. Our streets determine the beauty of a block or neighborhood, school or business, and they greatly impact safety. Our volunteers and partners have done a wonderful job of not only supporting our city staff but also taking the initiative to maintain our streets.

Daniela Ojeda and Cassie Allen (Ramona High School AVID Advisor)
Love Your Neighborhood Partner of the Year

The Love Your Neighborhood program exemplifies how we can show our care for each other by cleaning the community around us. This award is given to a person or group who brings out the good in our community and exhibits their love for our neighborhood by ensuring that it is clean and maintained.

Kara Coronado and WeLoveU Foundation
Good Stewart for Graffiti Award:
SANDY GARCIA VASQUEZ, Legislative Field Representative-Ward 6

This award recognizes an individual or organization that goes beyond the call of duty to follow leads and tips with an all-out effort to eradicate graffiti throughout the City of Riverside.

Kara Coronado and Sandy Garcia Vazquez
Spirit of Volunteerism Award:

This award is given out to recognize a group or community member that symbolizes the original concept of exemplifying the importance of volunteerism to preserve our natural resources and public land across the country through hard work and dedication.

Outstanding Waste Management Award-ATHENS:

Each year KRCB recognizes an organization for their conservation efforts and waste management practices.

Outstanding Waste Management Award-BURRTEC:

Each year KRCB recognizes an organization for their conservation efforts and waste management practices.

Kara Coronado, Rick Melendez (Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc., KRCB Board), Meggie Gonzales (Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.) accepting on behalf of Wilson Property Services, Inc.

Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful is a community program
sponsored by the City of Riverside’s Public Works and the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce.
Our Mission… is to instill a sense of community pride by creating partnerships that work toward the beautification of the City.
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